Avoid a Wedding Dress Nightmare by Doing These 7 Things

While choosing a wedding dress can be hard work, it will also be a fun and memorable experience. In this article I’ll go over seven ways you can make choosing the perfect wedding dress less hard work and more fun!

1. Create a Lookbook

The very first thing you should do when looking for a wedding dress is create a lookbook. Whether you prefer going the low-tech cut and paste route or using Pinterest is up to you. Think of this as a brainstorming session. It's also a perfect way to see many styles and options you may not have thought about.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Different Fabrics

We all know satin is soft and smooth, yet how about tulle, chiffon, and taffeta? Often certain fabrics look incredible in pictures and then don't live up to expectations after you've done hours of researching dresses and finally see the fabric in person.

Schedule an appointment with a designer to feel various fabrics, understand how and why the different types of fabrics are used, and see how they look in person.

3. Talk With a Designer

Salespersons have one ultimate goal, and that is to make a sale. They will listen to what you like and direct you to the pieces they think you are most likely to purchase. While there are many great salespersons out there, you will never truly know if they were giving you the most helpful advice or simply trying to make a sale.

A designer’s ultimate goal is to see their wedding dress look amazing on someone. If an a-line dress doesn't work with your body type a designer will know whether or not it can be altered to look great on you or if another dress style is a better choice. Even if you don't choose to purchase from them you will still walk away with valuable information that will help in your search for the perfect dress.


4. Bring a Pre-teen Shopping with You

Children are known for being way too honest. While that's not always a good thing at family get togethers or other public situations it’s perfect for the girl who needs some honest advice. A ten-year-old will tell you if you look horrible in a dress without a second thought.

With all the stress that can come from preparing for a wedding, spending a day out with your niece or best friend's daughter can also be a welcome break from the norm.

5. Try On Many Different Styles

While you may have always loved the look of mermaid wedding dresses there may be something out there that changes your mind. Trying different dress styles allows you to see what not only looks great but what feels great as well. The right dress should be both comfortable and gorgeous.


6. Wear a Beautiful, Well-fitted Bra

Don't just use this tip on your wedding day. Wear a custom or well-fitting bra when trying on different dresses. A great bra can make a significant difference in the way a dress looks and feels. I beautiful bra will also help you feel sexy and confident in your dress.

7. Try On Your Accessories Too

If you're planning on wearing the pearl necklace your grandmother gave you then you'll need to ensure the neckline of the dress you choose can accommodate the necklace length.

Pay attention to the overall look your accessories and dress create together. If you want each to stand out, consider a Swarovski crystal beaded gown with pearl earrings and necklace.

If you’re going for a consistent look throughout your ensemble opt for a dress with crystal beads and diamond earrings. Whatever you choose, make sure you understand how everything will look together.

Now get out there and start looking for that perfect dress!

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