Q. Do you design custom wedding gowns?
Yes, we can work with you to create the gown of your dreams.  
Q. Will the dress require alterations to fit perfectly?
Typically yes.  Although your dress can be made to your exact specifications, everyone's body will be unique and different. so if you are ordering custom, please plan time for minor alterations with a local seamstress. 
Q. How long does it take to make a dress?
Our production times vary, but are typically 4-6 months.
Q. What if I need the dress faster than 4 months?
We do offer rush service (for an additional fee).  Please contact us with specific details so that we can provide you with a quote. Rush orders require full payment plus shipping and rush fee at the time of order.
Q. Are your gowns available in stores?
Currently my gowns are available online only. 
Q. I live far away, how can I order a custom gown from you?
Please email me about your custom order, I will walk you through the steps to order custom dress online. Feel free to send me photos of your inspirations so I will know what you are looking for for your dress.  If you have a Pinterest wedding dress board, please share that as well.
Q. How long is the shipping for domestic and international?
  • Domestic shipping usually takes 3-6 business days 
  • International shipping usually takes 8-10 business days

Q. Do you work a lot with out of state brides?

Yes I do, actually most of my clients are out of state and international. 

Q. Which other countries have you sold your dresses to? 

Mostly Europe ( UK, France, Germany, Ireland ), Australia and Canada.  

Q. I just love one of your designs, but I want to make one change, is this possible?

Typically yes, please contact me for more specific details on alterations to existing designs.