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The process of creating, designing and making custom and bespoke wedding gowns can be intimidating and confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with the steps and stages. Today, we will be demystifying any confusion surrounding this topic, and our gorgeous designer and founder, Phuong, will answer all of your burning questions in this post!

A bit about our founder...

Originally from Vietnam, Phuong founded her own label and company, Dream Dresses by P.M.N, in 2014, after making and designing her very own wedding gown. After not being able to find her own dream wedding dress, Phuong took the challenge upon herself to make her very first custom gown! She suddenly realized there are not enough places available to create custom, bespoke gowns, which luckily meant the birth of her own business. Phuong graduated from The Seattle Art Institute, which allowed her to ignite her passion, and start her career as a custom dress maker and designer. Phuong's goal and mission is to provide each bride with their very own one-of-a-kind, hand beaded, couture gown, that simply cannot be found in conventional wedding stores and are incomparable to the gowns found in large chain bridal shops.

Custom dresses - Dream Dresses by PMN

A quick debrief about custom dresses...

Custom, literally meaning made for a particular customer, refers to the creation and design of a wedding gown that is unique and one-of-a-kind. Our process begins by us communicating with our client about their overall vision, style and preferences. Once we have a rough design in place, we can move onto the sketching phase, where we will draw up a first draft and get your feedback about any alterations or changes that are needed. After the client's approval of the design and sketch, we can proceed onto the bride's measurements. Next, the most exciting part; production can begin! After, all that is left is for us to ship your gown straight to your front door, and you may begin preparing for the most special day of your life adorned in your very own personalized, magical dream dress. To us, custom means more than just a 'wedding dress'; it is a process, a memory and a unique piece to treasure forever.

Custom dresses - Dream Dresses by PMN

Why should a bride choose a custom gown over off-the-rack?

Every bride is unique and different; why not reflect that individuality in your wedding dress? A bride's dress is often the most important part of their wedding day, as the perfect gown can flatter you, give you the confidence you need to effortlessly glide down the aisle, and will help you feel your best self. Thus, it is integral to find that dream dress, and what better way to achieve this than designing it yourself? As we work closely with our clients, we are able to enhance and personalize dresses on an intimate level to ensure everything is perfect and exactly what you envisioned. This is something a bride can't attain if you were to buy a dress off-the-rack or in a chain bridal store; it is impossible to have that one-on-one communication like you do with a custom designer. 

Custom dresses - Dream Dresses by PMN

What's the best thing about creating a custom dress?

Custom gowns are not only unbelievably beautiful and stunning, they also give the bride the freedom to create any design, pattern or style to their liking. This means no other bride in the world will have your exact gown! It's a truly irreplaceable feeling to see our brides adorned in their custom piece, knowing they've found the dress they've always wanted and dreamed of!

Custom dresses - Dream Dresses by PMN

Why do you think more brides are choosing custom dresses now, than ever before?

In the West, white has always been the traditional, classic color of a wedding dress. However, with new trends coming into fashion, brides are realizing that white doesn't have to be the only color a bride can wear for their wedding. Colorful, nontraditional gowns have taken the bridal world by storm, and more and more women are opting for alternative designs to showcase their personal style. The custom gown design process allows brides to be creative and involved; we are here to guide you into making the most magical dress. With more brides daring to be different I believe this is why custom dresses are becoming more popular than ever before!

Custom dresses - Dream Dresses by PMN

What is the experience like when custom designing a wedding dress?

As the custom design process is a collaborative effort, meaning you get to be a part of the creative side alongside the designer which will help guide you, the experience is truly a special, memorable one. It is definitely an emotional journey, as the bride and designer truly pour their heart out during the creation of such a unique piece. Seeing the final product is a priceless feeling, especially knowing you will have that to treasure forever. The experience is magical and well worth it!

Custom dresses - Dream Dresses by PMN

What's your favorite memory of making a custom dress?

My favorite memory has to be when I worked with a client called Mary. Mary dreamed of having a Star Wars themed wedding, and she wanted an ao dai that is inspired by Queen Amidala's throne room gown in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It was both challenging and fun at the same time during the brainstorming and design phase, as I didn't know much about Queen Amidala at the time, so I had to do a lot of research surrounding this topic. The dress turned out beautifully, and Mary absolutely loved it! 

*You can check out Mary's custom ao dai design below for reference*

Arnelle red and gold ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

So, there we have it! You wondered, we answered.

If you have any more questions regarding custom dresses or the process, please feel free to comment down below or click HERE and we will certainly get back to you soon! If you'd like a *PART 2* of Phuong answering your burning questions about custom gowns then please let us know!

 And, if you are interested in seeing more of our couture bridal dresses collection to get further inspiration, then please click HERE to see our gowns, and HERE to see our nontraditional pieces.

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