Ball gown - Dream Dresses by PMN

Are you a bride searching for a unique, one-of-a-kind gown that is completely tailored to you? We have the answer: a custom wedding dress! By opting for a custom bridal gown instead of an off-the-rack dress, you can be certain no one else will have your exact design. We thrive in seeing your dreams come to life, and this dream became a reality for our stunning client, Shawn. On the blog today, we will showcase to you Shawn's gorgeous bespoke ball gown, and share some details about the gown and our process. 

Ball gown - Dream Dresses by PMN

We came into contact with the lovely Shawn, as she was referred to us by a wedding planning organization named The Lux Firm. And we are so pleased she reached out to us to create her gorgeous bridal ensemble! Shawn had ideas already about what design, silhouette and style she desired for her dress. Shawn dreamed of having a lavish princess style ball gown, with a lace up back detail, and embellishments all along the bodice and skirt with an abundance of twinkling crystals; ideal for sparkle seekers!

Ball Gown - Dream Dresses by PMN

Details and embellishments can completely elevate and transform an ensemble from simple to a majestic work of art. Our team has been specially trained to adorn beading work and embellishments by hand, in order to create the exact design and pattern our client dreams of. We are in awe at how chic and elegant the embellishment design is! Gorgeous crystals adorn the gown's bodice, shoulder sleeves, and the top of the skirt, which look absolutely magnificent in the light. The stunning pattern undulates down the ensemble's chest, bodice, and skirt, like intricate ivy. 

Ball Gown - Dream Dresses by PMN

Embellishments - Dream Dresses by PMN

Shawn's masterpiece also includes a plunging neckline, accentuated with shimmering crystals, and detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves, ensuring a graceful, elegant touch. And to add to the princess aesthetic, we fitted a long train, which came to 3 meters in length. A train is the perfect addition to a bridal ensemble, as it allows the wearer to sweep and glide down the aisle angelically and dramatically. 

Ball Gown - Dream Dresses by PMN

The beauty of a ball gown silhouette is that this style looks utterly flattering on most body types! This curve-enhancing design will certainly have heads turning, and all eyes on you during your special, magical day. Shawn's fabulous piece of art looks without a doubt exquisite and glamorous; a quintessential princess gown.

If you're interested in seeing more behind-the-scenes footage of our intricate and meticulous process when creating the dress of your dreams, then check out the video below! We are extremely proud to create something so special and memorable for our clients, that they will keep forever as a reminder of their magical day. A gown isn't only a memento of your wedding, it is a reflection of your true style, your uniqueness, and your personality.

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If you would like to design your custom dream bridal gown then please comment down below any thoughts or queries, or reach out to us HERE for more information!

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