Breshawn - Dream Dresses by PMN

Couture bridal gowns and pieces are made completely from scratch. These are custom, bespoke gowns that you won't find anywhere else, except adorned on you. If you opt for a custom, couture gown or accessory, we source the finest and most luxurious materials in order to create your vision. Our custom-made dresses are known for their elegant and flattering silhouettes, delicate details and embellishments, and emphasis on quality and luxury. Whether you select a romantic, feminine design, or a striking, alternative style, we can make your dreams come true. Today, we will share with you two of our stunning custom gowns and bridal accessories that were crafted to the clients and made with their intention at the foreground.


Our fabulous client, Chikara, was referred to us by The Lux Firm organization; a luxury wedding planning service. Chikara always dreamed of owning her own couture, bespoke wedding gown, that reflected her individuality and uniqueness, and what better way to do that than with a nontraditional ensemble! Chikara opted for a golden, champagne colored bridal dress, and to finish off the look, a custom cathedral cape. Champagne hues are fabulous for an exquisite, chic style, that glimmers stunningly in the light. 

Gold wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

We designed a luxurious golden floor-length gown, that boasts a figure-hugging silhouette; flattering and alluring! This shimmering golden shade radiates regal, princess aesthetics. Chikara paired the gown with a custom made cathedral cape veil, adding extra opulence to the look. This delicate, unique cape is adorned with delicate sparkling details, running along the hemline. We love adding an extra sparkle and twinkle, and a fabulous cape has the wearer gliding gown the aisle in unforgettable attire.

Gold wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN


Another magnificent client of ours, Breshawn, approached us with the idea of creating and designing her dream bridal dress. Breshawn had her heart set on having a gown that sparkled more than any other! Her fabulous couture gown has been embellished with 10,000 rhinestones and beads, each meticulously placed by hand; one by one. Embellishments and beading details instantly elevate and transform the look into a complete masterpiece and work of art. Our bride looked like an ethereal goddess shining on her special day in her eponymous gown; Breshawn

Breshawn - Dream Dresses by PMN

Breshawn's masterpiece has a mermaid silhouette, and a billowy, flowy tulle train; dramatic and majestic. A stunning sweetheart, off-the-shoulder neckline has been fitted, for an elegant and feminine touch. This bridal ensemble is most definitely a unique, one of a kind gown that you won't be able to find off the rack! We love that we can design a gown that can have your dreams turn into a reality. Why choose a generic, ready made dress, when you can have your visions come to life?

Breshawn - Dream Dresses by PMN

Creating design sketches is one of the most important stages in making a custom gown, to ensure all of the details are included. Breshawn's sketch looks luminous; the style, the design, the silhouette radiate refinement and magnificence. 

Breshawn dress - Dream Dresses by PMN
If you would like to see some behind the scenes footage of Breshawn's gown in the making, and how our team applies all of the intricate details by hand, then watch the video below! The elegance and beauty the beading work and crystals provide is truly dazzling and majestic. The skill takes a long time to perfect and put into practice, but the reward is so satisfying!

We believe a wedding dress can really change a bride's life; it is an irreplaceable memento that will forever hold the most precious memories. We just love seeing our bride's adorned in a gown that they have dreamed of having!

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If you would like to find out more information about creating your custom, couture gown, then please comment down below, or reach out to us HERE!

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