Groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Are you looking for the perfect ensemble to pair with your bride's classy and timeless bridal ao dai? We have the perfect groom ao dai options for you! Traditionally, the dragon resembles the groom in Vietnamese wedding culture and symbolizes power, wisdom, and strength. Why not stand tall and proud like the dragon, and opt for one of our regal and royal-looking ao dai jackets to say 'I do' in? Today, we will showcase our brand new groom ao dai collection that features different colors, designs, and styles to suit all grooms.


Long groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our first dashing and dapper groom ensemble is the glorious Long ao dai. This stunning jacket features a classic, traditional red and gold design. The golden embroidered dragon motif is the star of the show and creates an eye-catching, enchanting look. The embroidery has been intricately and meticulously made, ensuring the best quality and design. With gold embroidery along the wrists and front closure with fabric-style buttons, this groom ao dai is the definition of royalty!


Ming groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our second red and gold piece in this groom ao dai collection is our exquisite Ming jacket. Like Long, Ming features a custom embroidered dragon design and intricate detailing. This dragon design is a traditional style allowing the groom to celebrate their heritage in a stylish and elegant way. Gold fabric piping adorns the collar and front of the jacket, creating a bold contrast against the red for a strong, striking look. You will complement your bride's ao dai dreamily in this piece!


An groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our sunny, bright yellow groom ao dai, An, is the perfect dazzling piece, ideal for those wanting to stand out from the crowd! It features a stunning custom hand-painted dragon design on the front for a timeless, traditional flair. The hand-painted designs continue onto the jacket's wrist, adding extra detailing. This gorgeous shade of yellow will look exquisite in any season!


Han groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

What says smart and elegant more than white? Our stylish Han white groom ao dai jacket with a dragon motif will look equally radiant next to a bride in white. Han's dragon stands out in a beautiful golden yellow hue, creating a regal aesthetic to the piece. We love our Han design's fresh, modern vibe; no detailing goes amiss with our pieces! 


Zhen groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Looking for an alternative design to a dragon motif for your groom jacket? Our Zhen white groom ao dai features a refined koi design in the most gorgeous shade of orange. Koi fish are a beloved symbol in Asian culture, representing bravery, love, and strength. We love how unique Zhen looks featuring this stylish hand-painted design. Above the koi detailing lies the bright and bold sun, reminding us that each day holds new possibilities. 


Shin groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

For the groom who desires a simple, elegant look, our Shin black groom ao dai jacket with golden dragon embroidery is the ideal option! Black is the perfect base for making bright colors pop and stand out majestically while maintaining a classy, debonair look. Shin's design also boasts embroidery at the wrists for a cohesive, stylish aesthetic. Although yellow and black seem a simple pairing, Shin will look utterly mesmerizing on your wedding day!


Kwan groom ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Lastly, our Kwan black groom ao dai, featuring a hand-painted dragon, epitomizes majesty. Our hand-painted golden dragon shimmers beautifully in the light, which is perfect for conveying royalty and magnificence. To finish off this piece, gold piping adorns the ensemble's edge and collar to highlight the dragon design, and add extra luxurious detailing. 

All of our new groom ao dai pieces will look truly breathtaking for both traditional and modern weddings, and will no doubt complement your bride beautifully.

To see the whole groom ao dai collection, please follow the link HERE.

And, if you are interested in creating your dream custom dress or groom piece, please feel free to comment down below or click HERE to reach out to us with any questions!

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