Embracing Traditions - Dream Dresses by PMN

Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the birth of 2022 than to showcase our brand new áo dài bridal Spring collection on the blog. For those unfamiliar, áo dài is a traditional Vietnamese dress, usually worn during important celebrations, or events. The áo dài may be one of Vietnam's most iconic symbols, and can be worn by both men and women. If you are interested in seeing our new traditional áo dài bridal collection, then please keep on reading...

Typically, the áo dài is a long, split tunic dress, paired with trousers underneath. The word áo dài in Vietnamese directly translates into 'long shirt', and our brand new bridal collection certainly captivates this meaning. The length of the áo dài is also extremely flattering on most body types, as it creates the illusion of appearing taller, and slimmer, as the garment grazes the floor. In our stunning, radiant áo dài dresses the fabric we use is silk, as we delight in ensuring optimum quality, and comfort. Our new collection really embraces the Vietnamese traditions, as red is commonly a popular choice for brides, connoting prosperity, luck, and happiness, and also white, which symbolizes youth, and purity.

Embracing Traditions - Dream Dresses by PMN

This gorgeous red, regal gown features shimmering hand embroidery, and light colored beading to contrast with the color of the áo dài. On this gown, we feature a peacock design, constructed from feathers, sequins, crystals, and rhinestones. The peacock traditionally signifies good luck, beauty, and renewal; perfectly fitting for our new bridal collection, coinciding with the Lunar new year. Moreover, the floral elements add a feminine and graceful touch to the gown, and also symbolize the new coming season, Spring. This glistening and intricate design will definitely have heads turning. 

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Embracing Traditions - Dream Dresses by PMN

Following on with the red theme, our next classic bridal áo dài design most definitely radiates opulence, and luxuriance. This gown features a phoenix design, which has been meticulously hand embroidered by our team. This magical bird denotes rebirth, harmony and prosperity; everything one could wish for in the upcoming new year! The phoenix design is also adorned with sequins and beadings, which really showcases this bird's beauty, and elegance. The muted orange, and peach colored flowers that run along the bodice, and sleeves, add to the áo dài's illuminating charm, and creates a subtle juxtaposition against the striking red gown. This áo dài is a fantastic choice for brides who want to make a statement on their special day!

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Embracing Traditions - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our next design introduces our light, pearl colored áo dài. As mentioned earlier, white is also a popular choice for Vietnamese women, especially amongst younger females. As white is the most common choice of color for bridal gowns in the West, this áo dài design is perfect for those who dream of wearing white down the aisle. In keeping with the whole of our new spring áo dài collection, this design features hand embroidered, and beaded zinnia flowers on the main bodice. The gorgeous pastel orange, blue, peach and yellow add a subtle pop of color to the gown; ideal for brides who require a modest, yet elegant style.

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Embracing Traditions - Dream Dresses by PMN

If you're a bride who is lusting over a show-stopping, unique design, then this next gown is the one for you! This áo dài is embellished with glistening rhinestones, sequins, and beading; perfect for a bold statement look. The golden peacock is the main focus on this design, as it shimmers down the front of the gown, with fluttering feathers and shimmery crystals. Gold and white are the main colors on this áo dài, and these two shades match brilliantly for an eye-catching style. This design features golden colored trousers that are worn under the white tunic, which subtly adds a burst of color. We can't help but marvel over the intricate floral details that feature throughout the áo dài, and even peek out on the bottom of the tunic. No details go unmissed here at Dream Dresses! Bring in wealth and good luck for the new year with our golden peacock áo dài. 

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Embracing Traditions - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our final áo dài design in our new bridal collection oozes elegance, and charm. This gown's style is simple, yet dazzling, as the unique lotus flower embellishment exudes beauty, and refinement. The lotus is also Vietnam's national flower; an excellent choice for a Lunar new year wedding! Beside the lotus, we have added a koi fish to enrich this design. Koi fish are a time honored symbol of longevity, and success in Asian culture. The koi and lotus complement one another, and represent the power of a new year ahead. Delicate and intricate beading work has been embossed on this áo dài, adding texture, and depth to the design. The red and white themes that run throughout this gown add a classic, and timeless flair to the look. 

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Embracing Traditions - Dream Dresses by PMN

(Zinnia from behind)

Although the áo dài is a traditional pillar of Vietnamese culture and heritage, the style can adorn, and flatter brides from all backgrounds. 

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Happy Lunar new year / chúc mừng năm mới!

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