Ari veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

When preparing for your big day, what is the icing on the cake, you may ask? Well, that's easy! No bride is truly complete without the perfect veil. The veil is considered one of the oldest bridal accessories, dating back to ancient times when young maidens were shrouded in veils to signify their innocence and virtue.

Deciding on which veil to wear can be a major factor in completing your dream bridal look. Veils can completely transform the style of your wedding gown, depending on whether you opt for a classic cathedral veil, mantilla veil, angel-cut veil, and so on. In today's blog we will explore some classic and modern veil styles, and showcase with you our new veil collection. If you're interested in finding out more about different veils and how to style them, then please keep on reading...

Ari veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Firstly, we would love to introduce you to a timeless, traditional style veil, named the Mantilla veil. The word Mantilla, or manta in Spanish, translates to blanket or cape, which beautifully mirrors this veil's unique style, as it typically drapes over the shoulders, undulating down. This style stems from Catholicism, specifically in Latin, Spanish and Italian culture. Catholic churches usually require brides to cover their shoulders, whether that be with a long-sleeved gown, or a Mantilla veil. This is how the Mantilla cape grew in popularity, and became a trend in many other countries. The beauty of the Mantilla veil is that one can wear this style in multiple lengths. The classic Mantilla veil is most commonly styled at cathedral length, meaning it sweeps the floor behind the bride, however, depending on your preference, brides can also opt for chapel length, or shoulder length. 

Ari veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Moreover, our most popular, best-selling veil is the Ari Mantilla; our take on the classic Mantilla veil. This stunning veil consists of tulle and Alençon French lace, paying homage to traditions, as lace is customarily used for constructing the Mantilla style. Our design is an off white, light ivory color, which is beautifully complimented in sunlight. Scallop lace is another distinctive feature of the Mantilla veil, and our Ari style has an intricate scallop lace trim all along the edges, for a delicate, elegant style. In the photos above, our radiant bride is adorned in the cathedral length veil, however, we offer different lengths to match your personal preferences, such as semi-royal length (3.5 meters), or royal (4 meters). This style is perfect for a bride looking to complete her fit with a traditional, graceful layer.

Livia Renee Veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Now, we would love to present to you our new bridal veil collection. Here, we feature our Livia beaded fingertip veil on the left, and our Renee beaded veil on the right. Both styles above are considered fingertip veils, meaning a mid-length (1M) veil, boasting a versatile style that can encapsulate modern, traditional, or alternative designs. Our glistening Livia veil is the embodiment of intricacy and delicacy. Livia is constructed from soft tulle, crystals, and tiny sequins, ensuring a classically elegant style. The tiny crystals run along the veil's hem, twinkling in the light. Similarly, our Renee veil has also been embossed with crystals, and sequins, and is made from soft tulle. However, this design features delicate flowers blossoming all along the hem. Both looks will undoubtedly compliment any bride who is chasing sparkles.

 Noemi and Giada veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

These next two veil styles simply radiate poise and grace. Let's introduce you to our gorgeously embellished fingertip Noemi veil in the middle, and our stunning cathedral floral lace Giada veil in the portrait length images. If you're a bride who dreams of gliding down the aisle in a sweeping floor length princess veil, the Giada veil is for you! With the option of a chapel length or cathedral length, either style will have brides adorned in luxury. We can only marvel at the meticulous details, as the veil boasts hand-applied floral lace applique all along the hem. However, if you're seeking a shorter, more subtle style, the Noemi veil certainly ticks the boxes. Embossed with shimmering sequins and crystals in an intricate design, this veil is ideal for sparkle lovers! The sequins perfectly frame the bride's face, and fall down gracefully past the shoulders. 

Siran veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Who says less always means more? Our uniquely breathtaking Siran bridal veil, complete with two layers, certainly steals the show. Two layers of soft tulle, flowing down, embroidered with sequin floral lace, and crystal comb, will most definitely have any bride blushing. Again, this veil comes with two length options; cathedral length, or chapel length, depending on your personal style, and height. An enchanting floral design has been embellished onto this veil, and falls delicately down the bride's back, onto the floor. Shrouded in flowers, soft tulle, and lace; who could dream of more?

Tahlia veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

And what better way to end the blog than on a bang? The striking Tahlia bridal veil will have all heads turning, as it sweeps down the aisle, covered with stunning fabric flowers at the bottom. This veil also exhibits two layers of soft tulle, adding to the style's distinctive design. The materials chosen to construct this veil are a mixture of tulle, beads, organza, and satin. Whether one selects chapel or cathedral length, this veil will effortlessly elevate any bridal gown.

Tahlia veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Now you know how integral veils are to complete your bridal look! Veils have the power to transform your wedding gown to another level, adding that missing opulence and grace every bride craves.

If you would like to browse more veil styles, or find out more information about the different veil designs we carry, then please click the link HERE.

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