Fabulous bridal shower checklist - dream dresses by PMN
For all your beautiful blushing brides, what is more exciting than having the perfect bridal shower? Planning a bridal shower can be extremely nerve-wracking, and executing it flawlessly requires a lot of know-how. Fear not, bridesmaids and maid of honor, we are here to help! We have devised a complete bridal shower guide and checklist to help you pull off the most incredible day for your bride. Don't forget your insight and knowledge are also essential in making this day shine! We hope you find our suggestions useful and helpful. 

Choosing a date and time

Bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

The first thing on the checklist is deciding a date and time for the bridal shower. This is, of course, incredibly important so you, the maid of honor, can plan accordingly and create a timeline for when specific tasks and responsibilities need to be completed. Once you have decided on the perfect date, you can start with the more creative and exciting duties! We recommend choosing a date that is not too close to your bride's wedding while at the same time isn't too far away from the special day. Six to eight weeks before the wedding should be the perfect opportunity to throw a bridal shower! Regarding time, bridal showers usually last a few hours and work best during lunchtime or in the afternoon. 

Picking a location

Bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

Once the date and time are out of the way, you can now focus on choosing a location for the bridal shower! To save time and money, throwing a bridal shower in someone's home is the perfect intimate option. It is a good idea to contact friends or family that have a large space that is suitable for this type of event. Alternatively, it is also lovely to host a bridal shower outdoors in a park or garden if you are in a warm season. Another fabulous option is to book a table at one of the bride's favorite restaurants if only a few guests are attending! 

Creating the perfect guest list

Bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

Next on the to-do list is devising the ideal guest list. While you are one of her nearest and dearests, it is essential the bride has her say on who is attending her bridal shower. It is important to ask for her input to ensure the day runs smoothly.  It only makes sense that the guests attending the bridal shower also attend the wedding - do not forget this point! Each bride is different; some may want a large party, and others may covet an intimate, small occasion. Be sure you know which one your bride is to act accordingly! Once you have created a guest list, you can begin arranging invitations.

Selecting a theme, color scheme, and decor

Bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

Now onto more creative tasks and responsibilities; deciding the theme, color scheme, and decor for the bridal shower! This may seem quite overwhelming as there are endless options and choices to go for. How can we choose the right theme? We suggest you discuss this beforehand with the bride to see what she is expecting and what she has in mind. It is her special occasion, after all! Once you have a vague idea of her wishes, you may go ahead and start researching different themes, planning color schemes, choosing the perfect invite for your guests, and arranging decor if needed! It's always nice to have a few surprises in store for your bride, so be sure to pull out all the stops in this step!

Fabulous bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

Sending out your invitations

Bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

This is a step that is easy to forget! Sending out your invitations is imperative to ensure your guests can RSVP in time before beginning your finishing touches. We suggest sending out an invitation four weeks before the bridal shower, offering plenty of time for guests to respond. 

Finishing touches

Bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

It's almost time for the bridal shower! Make sure you have all of the finishing touches organized. Do not forget to prepare the food you will serve during the bridal shower, especially if it is during lunch! We recommend pairing your menu with your bridal shower theme. For example, if you opt for a garden party theme, picnic-style finger food may be a great option. Now your food is sorted, what games or activities can you prepare to entertain your guests? While games aren't essential for bridal showers, they offer a nice touch and allow your guests to get to know each other if they don't already! Some classic games are: guess the baby photo, pass the bouquet, who said it, and trivia or word games. Lastly, there are party favors to consider. If you decide to prepare party favors or small gifts, make sure they match the bridal shower theme and are easy to carry home. Even the smallest of tokens can make your day come together wonderfully! 

Bridal shower checklist - Dream Dresses by PMN

We hope you found our fabulous bridal shower checklist helpful if you are planning this special occasion. 

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