Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to wear the same dress twice but with different styles? Here at Dream Dresses by P.M.N, we can confirm that YES it is possible, by the addition of our detachable bridal trains. With the simple, yet affective, inclusion of a detachable skirt or train, any bride is able to transform their style from a daytime look, ideal for their ceremony, to an evening ensemble, perfect for dancing the night away during their reception. 

Our gorgeous client, Svetlana, reached out to us to custom design her dream wedding gown. With some ideas in mind already, together, we created a unique, bespoke custom gown with all of the trimmings. Svetlana dreamed of a mermaid wedding dress with a detachable overskirt, embossed with intricate lace embellishment details. Mermaid-style dresses are ideal for brides who want their gown to hug their curves in all of the right places; they are fitted on top, and flared at the bottom. By adding in a detachable overskirt, Svetlana was able to create two stunning and memorable looks; dramatic, and beguiling. Svetlana's dress is captivating; her gown fits perfectly, emphasizing her natural beauty.

Within recent years, having a convertible gown with the versatility of two looks has become a popular trend for budding brides. There is the option of having a detachable train, skirt, or sleeves, allowing brides to easily transition from a day silhouette to evening. Detachable elements are not only convenient, as one can easily slip off a detachable skirt, or sleeve, but can also incorporate two different designs into one; traditional, and classic, with contemporary. 

Another enticing factor for having a detachable train or skirt, is that it allows room for creativity when designing the gown of your dreams. As touched on earlier, this dress provides two styles in one. Brides who have fantasized about walking down the aisle in a voluminous, princess-like dress are able to still have this reality, with the option of removing a layer, to reveal a gown perfect for dancing during the reception or after-party.



The lovely Svetlana looks absolutely breathtaking in our couture, bespoke wedding dress. Svetlana's bridal shoot was located in the Alaskan mountains; an epic backdrop, for an epic bridal gown. White on white has never looked more alluring and desirable. A detachable, or convertible gown, is perfect for any season or occasion. Svetlana's gown sweeps across the snow capped mountain ranges; ideal for winter, or holiday-themed weddings. Detachable dresses are also perfect for summer or spring weddings, as they create a flowy, and billowing silhouette.


We are gazing in awe at how dreamy Svetlana looks in her detachable gown; both looks, dramatic, and sultry, have us swooning...

If you would like to know more about our detachable bridal trains or skirts, please follow the link HERE!

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With thanks to our beautiful client, Svetlana, the Alaska helicopter tours company, and Classy Elegant Events for featuring in today's blog.

Photographer: Donna Marie

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