Amber dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Are you a bride lusting over glitz, glamour, and romance? Then, you've come to the right place. In today's blog post, we are proud to share with you our editorial photoshoot, that oozes opulence and mystery. The European, romance theme of this photoshoot certainly captures a bride's magical side. We were undoubtedly drooling over the shoot's stunning location; The Ruins Seattle. The enchanting backdrops and gorgeous details have us swept up in a fairytale. If you would like to see more of our dazzling shoot, then please keep on reading.

Our first gown we would love to introduce perfectly depicts the beguiling European theme; the ethereal Amber dress. We can see in the first image how charming our Amber gown is portrayed. With a mixture of high-low gold, and a hint of red underneath, any bride would look like a goddess dipped in splendor. Gold is not always the number one choice for a bridal gown, but why not make it your first choice? Adorned in satin, crystals, and beaded lace, you would be walking luxury. Our shoot elevates the look even more, by having us entranced in a world of romance and glamour.

Regine dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Draped head to toe in a majestic regal red ball gown, our gorgeous couture Regine dress will definitely have all eyes on her. This magnificent, unique gown certainly strays from bridal traditions. Although red is a commonly sought after color choice in the East, it is not so popular in the West yet. More and more brides nowadays are opting for non traditional wedding gowns to suit their own personal style, rather than to fall within traditional margins. In addition, colorful, alternative dresses are even more versatile than the white wedding dress; one could be adorned in our striking Regine ball gown for an evening event, or formal occasion. The color broadens the wearers options.

Regine dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our model looks utterly mesmerizing in our Regine ball gown. The floral embroidered details embellished on the bodice and arms of this undeniably dress radiate grace, and elegance. We love how this styled shoot has us wrapped up in a mystery world; utterly enchanted.Regine dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Ariel dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Following on with our golden theme, our champagne Ariel gown is the embodiment of how elegance meets modern day fairytale princess. Dripping in gold, shrouded in tulle, lace, beads and crystals, this bold look is perfect for those brides who want to make a statement on their special day. We are gazing in awe at how fabulous the scene has been set. No details have been missed in telling this narrative full of European enigma and allure. We feel like we have stepped into another world, caught in a whirlwind of art and love. 

Ariel dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our magnificent Ariel dress boasts stunning attention to detail, as sparkling crystals shimmer all along the gown's bodice, arms, and skirt in an intricate pattern. Although gold is an alternative, nontraditional color for a bridal gown, the champagne color looks so dazzling and unique in the light. All that glitters is certainly gold. If ivory or white isn't for you, then consider a golden sparkle to wear down the aisle. The golden hue also emanates a vintage feel, and instantly adds glamour. However, if you're a bride that has already committed to a white bridal gown, then our colorful, striking dresses could be perfect for your after-party or reception. Why not be a bride that simply shines brighter than ever on your wedding day?

Ariel dress and Regine dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

We can't get enough of our vintage, romance editorial shoot! Although these dresses are not the traditional options for conventional brides, our gowns will always look timeless and classic. 

If you are a nontraditional bride, or would like to browse more alternative options, then please follow the link HERE for find out more.

And, if you would like to collaborate in creating your dream dress, then please reach out to us HERE, or comment down below!

With thanks to:

  • Venue: The Ruins Seattle
  • Collaboration Producer: @uncommoncartography
  • Photos: @danieljshapiro @yunkinkeophomma
  • Behind The Scenes Photos: @greenteleaf
  • Event Design/Floral: @kalebnormanjames
  • Makeup: @j0rdanr0ss @melissakornmakeupartist
  • Hair: @makahmatt 
  • Wardrobe Stylist: @julietandlou
  • Jewelry: @shannonkoszyk / @namikoabloom 
  • Food/Dessert: @the_ruins
  • Champagne/Wine: @gruetwinery
  • Stationery Suite: @greyandcake
  • Models: @annavina10 @noellejohnsun @diana_jean_o @imsuzijane @rodasfeker, @_myfriendhanna 

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