Gold Mermaid Katerina - Dream Dresses by PMN

Have you dreamed of having opulence, glitz, and glamour on your special day, full of sparkle and magic? Then, you won't be disappointed with what we have to showcase to you today. In today's blog post, we are excited to share our styled shoot, with the stunning Anna Kobzar as our model, adorned in our non-traditional golden mermaid wedding dress, and lace bridal bodysuit. The talented Betty Globa perfectly captured the brilliance and elegance of these unique bridal gowns, swept up in an Alice and Wonderland themed universe. If you are interested in finding out more about our golden goddess gowns, and how to style alternative wedding dresses, then please keep on reading...

Gold Mermaid Katerina - Dream Dresses by PMN

Gold Mermaid Katerina - Dream Dresses by PMN

Alternative and non-traditional gowns are predicted to be one of the most popular trends for the coming year, 2022. Brides are becoming more open to exploring different styles and looks for their special day; a desire for a dress that reflects their true personal style, and personality. Straying from traditions isn't always a negative thing, and the beauty of fashion is that it is constantly in a state of change and evolution, even in the bridal world. Dream Dresses revels in creating gowns that incorporates unique touches that are significant to the bride; we mold the gown to you, not the other way round. Our gorgeous, shimmering Katerina gold mermaid dress perfectly reflects why alternative wedding gowns are becoming so sought after. We can't help but marvel at the intricate design, and unique style this gown has to offer.

Gold mermaid dress Katerina - Dream Dresses by PMN

Now, let's talk details... The silhouette of our Katerina golden gown is mermaid style, ideal for brides who want their curves defined in all of the right places, which in turn creates a slimming effect. The tight fitting bodice and flared bottom can be extremely flattering on brides with an hourglass, or slender frame. The dress features a stunning hand-beaded design all along the front and back of the bodice, which is absolutely mesmerizing when the light hits the gown! All of our beading work has been meticulously done by hand, as quality is our top priority. The pattern is a delicate floral design, highlighted with beaded lace. And, to really accentuate the ornate style, a cathedral train has been fitted, giving the mermaid illusion more depth. 

Gold Mermaid Katerina - Dream Dresses by PMN

With the undulating train, and the open back gown, the bride adorned in this dress will most definitely be making waves! The gown is constructed with fine tulle and silk tulle, ensuring a graceful look. The delicate straps paired with the plunging neckline will have all eyes on this bride! A simple up-do hairstyle is all one would need, as the gown itself steals the show. And, of course, we create all of our gowns fitted to your measurements, so you can feel your most confident self walking down the aisle. 

Dream Dresses by PMNLet's take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous the set of our styled shoot is; a complete, immersive Alice and Wonderland experience. The woodland surroundings have us utterly entranced by nature's beauty and simplicity. The stunning details, from the flower decorations on the beautifully set table, to the elegant pearlescent heels, ooze fantasy, and luxury. And, as mentioned earlier, the sunbeam's light hitting the dress fantastically compliments its dazzling shimmer. Who could wish for a more perfect backdrop to match this one-of-a-kind gown? Any bride would surely feel like they've stepped into a wonderland adorned in our golden dress.Gold Mermaid Katerina - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our gorgeous model, Anna, is also exhibiting our stunning Galina lace bridal bodysuit, with a sumptuous side split. The sweeping tulle train, and lace details have us swooning! Moreover, the high collar and bodice, made from Chantilly French lace, show the intricate, and elaborate design from head to toe. Perfect for confident brides, who aren't afraid to turn heads!

Galina Bodysuit - Dream Dresses by PMN

If you are interested in any of the gowns above, or you would like to collaborate in creating your dream dress then please contact us HERE for more information, or comment down below.

With thanks to:

Model - Anna Kobzar

Photographer - Betty Globa

Event - Dolce Vita Events

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