Most brides who choose to search for a dress online instead of in person are worried about purchasing such an important part of their wedding sight unseen. They’re not sure if the designer is legitimate, if they have the budget for a custom dress, if the dress will make it in time for the wedding, or if the dress will look good in real life and pictures.  

Every bride has heard the horror story of ordering a beautiful dress based off some pictures and receiving a cheap knockoff of the dress or a completely different dress than she expected. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by doing a little online sleuthing. Look for clear pictures of the designer’s work on their website, in magazines, and Instagram to see if their product photos match the action shots.  

Another important part of finding a trustworthy designer is to read customer reviews. It’s a good idea to stay away from designers with many negative reviews, but it’s not always good to trust a designer who only has overly positive reviews. If you feel comfortable reaching out, talk to a customer who shared pictures of her wedding day and ask her for her honest review of the designer as well as tips for ordering your own custom wedding dress. Most people are happy to share their experience and help other brides create a perfect wedding day. 

The question of cost and timeline is easy to answer. Some designers have their costs and turnaround times up on their websites and others you will have to ask. No good designer will ever evade your question — they might ask you for a little more details in order to price your order accurately, but once they get all the necessary information they will provide you with a quote and time frame so you know what to expect. It’s okay to shop around; designers would rather have you be happy with a different seller than have a stressed-out, anxious customer on their hands. 

Just like buying anything online, you could end up with something that looks good on the model but doesn’t look good on your body. In order to minimize the chances of this happening, we recommend going into a bridal boutique and trying on some gowns to understand what shapes, styles, and colors look good on your body, then think about what design you want. This also helps you get inspiration for your perfect bridal look. 

Finally, if you haven’t already gotten in touch with the designer with your ideas, now is the time to do so and see how they respond. A wedding dress designer’s job is to help you achieve your perfect dress, and communication plays a big role in making your dress a reality. Are they excited to work with you? Do they ask you for more details? Do they understand your expectations, budget, and timeline, and are they clear about theirs? A good designer will be up front about their costs and timeline and be clear about understanding your needs and managing expectations. If you are confident in their abilities and communication, you’re already halfway to the wedding dress of your dreams.  

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