Although white—or at least a shade of it—is still the most common choice for wedding gowns here in the US, colored dresses are growing in popularity. But, with this growing desire to deviate from traditional norms, how do you know which color dress is right for you? Maybe white is your preference—but what if it is not?

Check out the FIVE TIPS below that offer insight on how to make the best choice for you:


In China, the preferred color is red for wedding gowns. Chinese people believe that red is the color of joy and luck. For them, red is a representation of happiness, life, and positivity. It is also a symbol of good fortune. In Morocco wedding dresses are traditionally yellow or green. Green represents respect to the motherland and is thought to bring about good luck. In Spain, traditional wedding gowns are quite opposite of those here in the US. Spanish cultures tend to chose black dresses. For them, black represents a bride’s devotion to their husband until death.

If cultural traditions are important to you, choosing the color of your dress may be as simple as following those customs. If adhering to cultural norms is not a priority for you, then keep reading because we have a few other considerations that may help make your decision easier. 


When thinking about what color dress to choose, consider the backdrop and scenery that will surround you. If you will be indoors, try selecting a dress without a lot of sheen or shine. The lighting and bright flashes indoors can cause awkward reflections, especially in your photographs. If a beach is where you will say “I do,” light colors like sky blue, peal pink, or light yellow would be a great option. And if your wedding happens to be amongst the greenery of a garden, solids, bright, or delicate colors will all pair beautifully.


Think about the time of year you plan to get married when selecting the color of your gown. Springtime is perfect for bright colors and pastels, especially if you are planning that outdoor wedding. In summer, warm colors are a great compliment to the season. Autumn and winter weddings provide an opportunity to choose darker tones and shades of color.


Most couples will choose a color palette which is used to plan all other details for their big day. Make sure to use this theme as inspiration for your dress color too. An ivory dress would be great choice for a bride that has chosen classic colors like gold for example. For an elegant wedding style choosing a dress that is white, black, or red might be a great option. If your theme is whimsical and airy, consider a light blue or blush color dress.


Finally, when you are deciding on the perfect color wedding dress it is important to keep yourself in mind! What are your personal preferences? What do you want to wear? How do you want to feel? What colors compliment your skin tone? Although opinions from family and friends can be helpful, at the end of the day this is your wedding, and your overall happiness is most important.

We would love to hear from you—drop us a comment below and share with us the color of your dream wedding dress!  

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