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Like your wedding dress, your bridal veil is just as special and important, and is a fabulous way of achieving a certain look, whether that be glamorous, Hollywood style, or classic and sophisticated. A veil has the power to completely change, elevate and complement a bridal aesthetic, while adding an extra layer of elegance and luxury. Choosing the right veil style, design and length can be a challenge in itself, as it is so difficult to know which veil goes best with which silhouette and dress style. Today, we hope to demystify any questions you have regarding how to match your veil to your wedding gown. 

Krista lace wedding gown and veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Suiting the gown's silhouette

One of the most important factors to consider when matching your bridal veil to your wedding gown is to consider the gown's silhouette, meaning the shape and length of your dress. Some veils are versatile and complement any silhouette, however, other veils may not match well with certain gown shapes.

Short dresses

Conventionally short wedding gowns or tea-length wedding dresses look best with birdcage veils, or shoulder length veils. Two short styles often complement each other well to ensure a balanced look. If a bride were to opt for a longer length veil, this may overpower the gown, and drown your dress. You can see below the charm of a birdcage veil; simple, but effective!

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Sheath gowns

The best veil length for sheath or column silhouettes are usually fingertip length veils, waltz style veils, and sometimes even floor length veils. As sheath gowns are incredibly sophisticated and chic looking, it is ideal to avoid a veil that extends beyond the length of the gown, for that utter sleek and stylish bridal look. Our Novah lace bridal veil in waltz length looks oh-so dreamy and romantic, with subtle lace accents to complement your gown.

Novah sequin lace bridal veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

A-line gowns

The A-line gown is such a classic and timeless silhouette that looks utterly stunning paired with almost every veil length, in particular, chapel length or cathedral length veils to achieve a bold look, or an elbow or shoulder length veil for a more subtle style. Our Eddan pearl bridal drop veil in cathedral length looks undeniably romantic and feminine, with elegant pearl detailings for that soft angelic look.

Eddan Pearl bridal drop veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Mermaid/trumpet gowns

This fit-n-flare style gown oozes Hollywood style glamor, and works well with shorter length veils, such as fingertip length, as well as dramatic style veils, like chapel and cathedral length veils. With a shorter veil, or longer length, both styles allow the curvy shape of the gown to shine through, and be the main focal point. Our Renee beaded fingertip length veil is the perfect choice for complementing a fit-n-flare style gown, as it adds just the right amount of detail without stealing attention away from the bride's hourglass silhouette. Fingertip veils also fall at a flattering length!

Renee beaded fingertip veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Ball gowns

Are you a bride seeking a fairytale princess style gown? Ball gowns are the perfect option for you! This ultra-feminine bridal gown silhouette looks mesmerizing paired with almost any veil length, such as fingertip veils, chapel length veils or shoulder length veils. A shorter veil will add to the romantic and elegant charm of the gown's shape, and a longer veil achieves that bold and dramatic flair; both look utterly captivating! It is important to remember, if your gown has a train, and you are a bride seeking a longer veil length, opt for a veil that extends past the train to avoid the two overlapping. Our radiant Cassia one layer lave veil in chapel length will have any bride feeling like a true Goddess. This veil cascades down like a waterfall of elegance, and will perfectly complement your ball gown.

Cassia one layer lace veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Suitable details

The next important factor to consider when selecting the right veil to match your dress is the details. Detailing can vary from embellishments, style and decorations. Choosing which details are right hugely depends on the embellishments and decorations on your bridal gown to begin with! If your bridal gown is adorned with heavy beading work and glamorous embellishments, it might be a good idea to keep your veil simple with limited detailing. This also works the other way around; if your gown is clean and simple, you can create a striking look with an embellished veil. Another key element to a veil is a blusher, meaning a layer of fabric that covers the bride's face. Blusher veils can look incredibly ethereal and romantic, and are a classic, traditional option. Opt for a blusher veil if you desire that modest, traditional look! Our Dione drop veil with blusher in sweep length radiates that timeless elegance that most definitely will stand the test of time!

Dione drop veil with blusher - Dream Dresses by PMN

Matching fabrics and colors

Color coordination means everything in the bridal sphere. It is always a wise idea to coordinate your dress color with your veil color. They don't necessarily have to be exactly the same, however, they should be similar to avoid ruining your overall bridal aesthetic. Similarly, matching your fabrics should also be a top consideration. With similar colors and fabrics, you can ensure your look is cohesive and complementary. Our gorgeous bride, Chikara, paired her custom, couture gold gown with her Betha lace cape veil that features gold lace accents. The combination of a gold gown with a gold lace cape veil is truly stunning and exquisite! 

Betha lace bridal cape veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our other glamorous bride, Adina, opted for similar fabrics for her veil and Adina bridal gown. Her overall aesthetic looked dreamy, as both her veil and dress included stunning golden twinkling accents, tying the look together perfectly.

Adina bridal veil and golden gown - Dream Dresses by PMN 

The overall look 

The last aspect we recommend considering when choosing the right veil is the overall bridal look you want to achieve, and thinking about the main focal points of your wedding dress. If your gown includes striking details, such as a statement back or illusion back, you may want to consider keeping your veil as sheer as possible, so the beautiful detailing isn't covered. Our elegant Joli waltz bridal veil idyllically complements Jeanna's crepe and lace wedding gown. The veil is sheer enough that the gown's back details shine through majestically; the perfect bridal addition.

Joli elegant waltz bridal veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

Don't forget to also consider your hairstyle on your special day! Choose a hairstyle that will allow your veil to comfortably sit on your head, especially if you opt for a heavy, lengthy veil such as cathedral length veil. Most brides opt for an up-do, to ensure the veil is securely fastened on, however, it is possible to wear your hair down for that effortless vibe. Our angelic bride, Krista, boasts a stylish half-up-half-down hairstyle with her Keta waltz length veil.

Krista lace dress and veil - Dream Dresses by PMN

There we have it! They are our top tips to consider when choosing the perfect veil to complement your bridal gown. We hope this helped you blushing brides!

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