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Wanting to feel your utmost confident, radiant, and comfortable self on your magical wedding day may be a lot to expect from just one bridal ensemble. This is where the beauty and versatility of bridal accessories takes the stage! Accessories and removeable pieces add that extra volume, drama and weight with the ease of detaching and reattaching when necessary. Detachable trains and skirts are a fabulous add-on that give your bridal gown an extra layer of volume and luxury. Your wedding dress essentially becomes convertible. You may create two looks in one; from day to night, or ceremony to after-party. A detachable overskirt or train is also ideal for brides who wish for an alternative to a veil or cape. Today, we will show you some of our glamorous and luxurious detachable trains and skirts, that will most definitely add that extra elegance every bride desires.


Callie detachable skirt - Dream Dresses by PMN

We are in love with our ultra glam and feminine Callie detachable bridal overskirt. This stunning bridal accessory is a half-waisted removeable overskirt, that features intricate lace applique that cascades down to the bottom, and an elegant waistband to add an extra detail to the look. Callie's style is simple yet chic; a perfect addition for an A-line or sheath silhouette. The length of this overskirt is so dreamy; the wearer can create the illusion of a voluminous, sweeping train, whilst being able to remove it at any moment. This design will have you sweeping and gliding down the aisle like a bridal goddess! 

Callie detachable skirt - Dream Dresses by PMN


Priya detachable skirt - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our ethereal Priya detachable overskirt is another glamorous option for brides seeking additional sparkle and voluminous enhancement. Priya boasts luxurious layers of plain tulle and glittered tulle, creating a billowing silhouette. A floral lace applique waistband adds a subtle delicate detail to the look for an ultra feminine and romantic feel. Any bride is sure to look like a princess adorned in Priya! Mesmerizing details and an angelic soft fabric make for a cloud of beauty paired with your bridal dress. 

Priya detachable skirt - Dream Dresses by PMN


Estelle detachable train - Dream Dresses by PMN

Similar to a removable overskirt, a detachable bridal train also creates a dramatic effect by simply clipping it onto the lower back of your gown. Our radiant Estelle lace train is what is missing from your bridal ensemble! Constructed from Chantilly lace and tulle, Estelle feels and looks like the definition of opulence and class. This removable train undulates down creating a waterfall of lace and loveliness. Rich lace patterns cover the entirety of this train for a graceful style. Utterly enticing and regal, opt for Estelle on your wedding day!

Estelle detachable train - Dream Dresses by PMN


Nellie detachable skirt - Dream Dresses by PMNIf you are a bride lusting over a more dramatic and bold look to pair with your wedding gown, then our tiered Nellie overskirt will have you in awe! Nellie features a three tiered style, combined from plain tulle and glittered tulle, fantastically adding dimension and depth to the ensemble. This style is suited for fashion-forward brides who desire not only volume, but an alluring look! The bride will be floating stylishly down the aisle in an extravagant attire.  

Nellie detachable skirt - Dream Dresses by PMN

Detachable overskirts and trains are bridal saviors for those who want fluidity and movement on their wedding day, while still achieving that dramatic flare. These removable accessories also offer comfort and convenience; what more could you ask for?! The options are endless; bold and striking, or simple and chic, you choose what pairs best with your bridal gown!

All of our bridal trains and skirts are available in multiple lengths depending on your preferences and height! We make the ensemble suited to you. 

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