Throughout Vietnamese fashion history, the ao dai, a traditional Vietnamese ensemble that typically features a long tunic worn over pants, has been through many trends and styles, in particular, the bridal ao dai. Although the ao dai has evolved and changed, it still remains a staple garment in Vietnam fashion. Today, we will explore how the Vietnamese bride has changed over time, alongside the style of the ao dai, and what modern brides choose to wear now. 

Mid 1950s

The change of Vietnamese Brides - Dream Dresses by PMN

During this time, Vietnamese brides opted for a smooth, chic, clean look for their wedding ao dai. For wealthy families, the top choice of fabric was silk. Brides still very much opted for the traditional style ao dai with a simple, unfussy design. We love how smart and sophisticated this style of bridal ao dai was; most definitely a classic and timeless look!

The change of Vietnamese Brides - Dream Dresses by PMN

1960s to 1970s

The change of Vietnamese Brides - Dream Dresses by PMN

Jumping ten years later, brides still favored the traditional ao dai for their wedding look. However, the designs featured on the garment became more detailed and intricate than ever before. This was the era that introduced floral patterns and embroidered designs to the bridal ao dai. An upright, tall collar also became popularized during this time. The delicately embroidered elements look stunning on these ao dai pieces, as they add a personalized touch and depth to the look. The ao dai begins to blossom...

The change of Vietnamese Brides - Dream Dresses by PMN

1980s to 1990s 

The change of Vietnamese Brides - Dream Dresses by PMN

Things begin to change here as the introduction of Western culture begins to influence Vietnamese brides' choice of gown. Brides began stepping away from the traditional ao dai and were inspired to select a white Western-style dress. This may be the most significant change for Vietnamese brides. The emergence of Western styles gave brides endless choices of necklines, silhouettes, fabrics, and designs to choose from. 

The change of Vietnamese Brides - Dream Dresses by PMN

Current times

Tema bridal cape - Dream Dresses by PMN

Nowadays, the ao dai has returned with a bang and is once again extremely popular among Vietnamese brides. Many of our gorgeous clients are proud to wear an ao dai for their special day and adorn the ensemble with different add-ons and accessories for a more contemporary, modern look. Our Tema bridal cape is a fabulous choice to pair with your bridal ao dai, as it adds the perfect luxurious finish and is a majestic way to add a modern twist to a classic look. The ao dai is now available in a variety of different materials and designs to suit any bride's preferences and personal style; from extravagant to simple, there's an ao dai style for everyone! 

Monalisa red bridal ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

We are fascinated with how the ao dai has evolved and changed in style, designs, and fabrics over time. Although the older styles look stunningly classic and traditional, we love that now anything is possible; you can create the ao dai look from your dreams!

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