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The áo dài is undeniably a fashion staple for women in Vietnam. For those unfamiliar, áo dài is a traditional Vietnamese costume, classically featuring a tunic and high collar, with long pants underneath. Over time, this well-adored ensemble has evolved and changed overtime to incorporate contemporary looks and modern flares, while still keeping its Vietnamese roots. Some of ways the áo dài has been modernized is through materials, necklines, nontraditional colors and silhouette shapes. The áo dài is also an incredibly versatile piece, as it can come with different designs depending on the occasion, whether it is a bridal áo dài, or for a festival or event. Today, we will explore the concept of the modern áo dài, and how it is growing in popularity to fuse traditional aspects of this garment with current trends, and even with some influences from Western fashion.

Blush pink Evie ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

The first modern áo dài we would love to introduce is the oh-so feminine and romantic Evie blush pink style. Our ultra-elegant Evie design boasts modern, contemporary elements, such as a muted, baby-pink colorway, as typically, a bridal áo dài would be red, often with gold accents. Evie is also fitted with a glamorous chapel train for a touch of drama and volume, whereas conventionally the ensemble does not feature any train, as the pants underneath stop at the wearer's ankle, and the tunic falls just above. This blush pink gown adds captivating modern twists, while still retaining features of the classic áo dài style. By blending the two together, any bride is sure to make a memorable and mesmerizing entrance adorned in Evie!

 Evie ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Gold off-the-shoulder

Cinzia ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

If you are a sparkle seeker bride, then our modern Cinzia gold áo dài is the perfect option for you. Cinzia exquisitely fuses modern and classic elements of the áo dài together for a breathtaking look. This regal and royal golden gown is adorned with sparkling beaded accents along the bodice and collar for a dazzling finish, and beautifully emphasizes the gown's off-the-shoulder ruffle sleeves. Conventionally, this type of garment features a high collar tunic, thus, by revealing the bride's shoulders, this ensemble instantly becomes modernized and innovated. Cinzia is most definitely a unique, one of a kind áo dài with romantic detachable beaded lace cuffs and a dreamy sweep train. 

Cinzia ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Illusion neckline and open back

Karolia ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Red and gold, what a majestic color combination that oozes royalty and opulence. Our Karolia bridal áo dài most certainly keeps a traditional theme with the colorway, as red and gold wedding áo dài are one of the most sought-after styles in Vietnam. However, this enchanting gown is decorated with modern features and details for an ultra-sleek look; perfect for brides desiring a contemporary flare for their big day. Karolia features a feminine and delicate illusion neckline, adding an alluring, modern touch to a traditionally modest ensemble. This fabulous neckline is accentuated with golden accents along the collar and cap sleeves, for an unbelievable romantic feel. We love the open back detail on Karolia, which is another modern twist that adds a contemporary style. Fall in love with Karolia, and feel like a true red and gold goddess!

Karolia ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Lace design

Freya ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Another exquisite way to spice up a traditional look is to change the material and fabric, which in turn instantly adds an extra dimension and depth to the ensemble. Typically, bridal áo dài gowns are made from a silk chiffon blend, creating that sleek, feminine shine. Our radiant Freya modern áo dài is constructed of lace, that cascades majestically down the illuson sleeves, bodice, and train for that oh-so opulent, glam vibe. There's something so romantic and elegant about lace, and most certainly adds an abundance of detail. We love how modern and alternative our Freya gown looks; a conventional áo dài high collar mixed with a nontraditional fabric for the perfect fusion!

Freya ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN


Iliana ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Lastly, another stylish way to modernize a classic piece is to alter the neckline. Conventionally, áo dài dresses are made with a boat neck-collar or Mandarin inspired neckline, in order to keep the look modest and sophisticated. Our Iliana white bridal áo dài perfectly showcases how we can have a stylish modern take on traditions. Iliana features a feminine illusion V-neckline and see-through back for a beguiling, sensual look, and re-imagines the bridal áo dài in a fashion-forward, innovative way. Even with the addition of an alluring V-neckline, the gown still embraces classic elements, with a high-collar, and silk chiffon pants; perfect for brides who desire the best of both worlds!

Iliana ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN

Whether your preference is a modern, innovative áo dài, or a traditional, conventional one, it is important you choose a gown that best represents your personal style, and one that you feel your utmost confident in!

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