The PMN Design Process

It goes without saying that all designers have their own unique style and creative process—which means it is vital that you choose someone who matches your specific needs when thinking about who will create your dream dress. However, it is also important that you also consider a designer's process for creating your dress.

Every designer has a different way of working with clients.

We believe it is important for brides to know exactly what to expect when working with us to create their dream dress. Which is why we have outlined our process here. While this is a general outline of how we work with clients, we do strive to accommodate changes where possible to account for each bride’s individual needs.


Step 1: Initial Contact

The client reaches out to set up an initial consultation where we discuss all their preferences from style to fabric, design, color and more.

Step 2: Sketch Deposit

We collect a small sketch deposit and provide our client with an initial sketch, within just a few days times, to ensure we have incorporated all important details in the overall design.

Step 3: Sketch Approval and Production Deposit

The client has a chance to review and approve of the initial design sketch. Once approved, we ask for a 50% payment deposit to begin working on production.

Step 4: Material and Swatches

Once we have the product deposit, we get to work on preparing a packet of photos and sample swatches to mail to our client.

Note: PMN provides service to clients all over the world. We have created a system that allows us to effectively work with clients virtually and through postal mail to provide an exceptional experience.

Step 5: Material Approval

When the client approves of the dress materials, we officially begin dress production.

Step 6: Photo Updates

As we take a client's dream dress from paper to reality, we send photos all throughout the process to ensure our clients stayed informed and up to date with production.

Step 7: Second Payment

Another portion of the total payment is collected.

Step 8: Final Photos

After we wrap up production, and verify that all the final details are complete, we send a set of photos to the client of the finished product.

Step 9: Final Payment

The client reviews the final photos of their dream dress and approves the design, at which point we collect the remaining balance on the account.

Step 10: Shipment

We package and ship the dress right to the client’s front door.


And that is it—the next step is walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams!

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us HERE or leave a comment below.

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