Choosing your wedding dress can be one of the most overwhelming experiences you will encounter as a bride-to-be. With so many options to choose from, color is a big one to consider when selecting the gown from your dreams. Not all brides lust over a white wedding dress, and nowadays, more and more brides are embracing their unique side and opting for colorful, less traditional gowns. Today, we are giving you some of our top tips to consider when choosing your wedding dress color. We hope this inspires you when you are wedding dress shopping!

Matching your gown to the theme

Adina gold dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

The first tip we are sharing today, matching your dress to your wedding theme, maybe an obvious one. However, it is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the color of your wedding gown. If you want your wedding theme to be visible in every way, choosing the right dress is critical to ensure everything matches and goes together! For example, if you opt for a vintage, rustic wedding theme, you may want to consider ivory or other neutral colors for your dress. Moreover, a black, gold or red wedding dress would be ideal if you decide on a Halloween theme. A colorful wedding gown is one of the perfect ways to convey your theme to your guests and complement your wedding decor. Our beautiful bride, Adina, matched her custom-made gold wedding gown to her outdoor California wedding perfectly! We love how the gold tones complement the natural surroundings.

Adina gold wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Consider the season

Blue wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our next tip is definitely an important one if your wedding is seasonal! Considering the season is an important factor when choosing the right color for your gown, as different seasons go with different hues. For example, if you are getting married in the summer, opt for lighter colors like pastels or soft blues, while deeper colors like burgundy or navy are great for winter weddings. Conventionally, weddings in the colder months ooze an opulent, glamorous feel, and a dark-colored gown would look ultra-sophisticated and romantic! On the other hand, weddings in the warmer months radiate whimsy, and playful vibes and suit lighter, muted colors that symbolize rebirth, such as lilac and dusty pink. Our Alsatia couture blue wedding gown looks radiant in this summer shoot by the talented Mandi Ann.

Blue wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Choosing the right hue for your skin tone

Caitlyn gold and black dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

A wedding gown should complement a bride's skin tone; therefore, ensure the color is the right one for you when bridal shopping! Brides with a fair skin tone should stay away from colors that will make them look washed out. Thus, it is best to steer clear of bright and bold white tones and instead opt for a gown with blue or silver tones. Golden accents and dark shades also look gorgeous on fair skin tones, showcased by our fabulous bride Caitlyn (up) in her bespoke black and gold ball gown. Pastel and muted shades look beautiful for brides with pink undertones, such as a subtle grey or muted blue. For brides with a deep undertone, gowns with gold elements look fabulous, as shown by the glamorous Chikara in her gold custom-made bridal dress (below)! Bold colors also complement dark skin tones stunningly, such as stark white, red, and amber. Those with yellow undertones will look exquisite with any nude, neutral shade, and also soft, rustic greens.

Chikara gold custom dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

We hope this inspired all of you budding brides when shopping for your dream colorful wedding dress!

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