We can all agree that one of the biggest challenges brides face is choosing the perfect wedding dress to wear on their special day. There are so many factors to consider when browsing for the dream gown: style, color, fabrics, length, and so on. In today's blog post, we will be explaining which dress silhouettes suit certain body types, in the hope that we can guide you in finding your fairytale gown.

First things first, as you will be wearing, moving, and dancing in your wedding dress for several hours, comfort should be one of your top priorities when dress hunting. Feeling confident, happy, and comfortable are the keys to success, so keep this in mind! 

A-line Gowns

The A-line gown is heralded as one of the most versatile styles of wedding dresses, as it is flattering on all body types. The gown is typically fitted on the top half, and will subtly flare outwards at the waist creating a delicate a-shape. Although this gown generally suits all figures, the dress' silhouette creates a slimmer waistline, and flatters the bust area, which is ideal for petite, hourglass, or pear-shaped brides in particular. The A-line dress will certainly hug your curves in all of the right places!

A-line wedding dress-Dream Dresses by PMN


2. Ahney

Ball Gown

If you're a bride who is lusting over fairytales, and happily ever afters, then the ball gown style could be your calling! This style definitely brings volume, drama, and opulence. The ball gown aims to accentuate the bride's waist, whilst flaring outwards on the lower half; a conventional fit and flare style. This looks is ideal for brides who are pear-shaped, or apple-shaped; the fitted top and voluminous skirt match together perfectly if you are looking to accent your waistline, and cover your bottom half! The ball gown design will undeniably have you gliding down the aisle.

Ball Gown wedding dress-Dream Dresses by PMN

1. Donata

2. Venezia

Empire Waist Gowns

The empire waist wedding dress exhibits a fitted bodice, with a raised waistline. The design can either be styled with a skirt that drapes outwards from the bodice, or, alternatively it can have a slim fitting skirt that slightly flares out towards the bottom. The empire gown gives a slimming and lengthening effect, as it grips tightly at the bustline, and flares down with a long skirt, thus, elongating the bride's figure. This design compliments wearers with a petite, pear-shaped, or apple-shaped body type, as it emphasizes the bust area, rather than the hips or waist. The empire waist design is also extremely versatile; one can opt for a plunging neckline, or choose a simple sweetheart style. Cinch that bust, and go for the empire waist gown!

If comfort is your priority, then the empire waist gown, or the A-line gown take the lead, as they allow for easy movement, and are not restrictive on the waist area. The mermaid style gown may be considered the least comfortable, due to its form-fitting silhouette, which can limit motion. 

Empire Waist Gowns-Dream Dresses by PMN


Mermaid & Trumpet Gowns

Mermaid and trumpet gowns aren't exactly interchangeable, however, both styles similarly emphasize the waist and hips, and are fitted from the chest to the knee, flaring outwards thereon. As these dresses lean towards the fitted style, brides who have slender or hourglass frames favor the mermaid or trumpet gown. The close hugging bodice paired with a flared bottom really contours the upper-half of the body. Nonetheless, a fantastic choice for those wanting a slimming effect! Keep in mind, as this design is particularly snug, make sure you feel comfortable, and you are able to move freely in it.

Mermaid Wedding Dress v.s Trumpet Wedding Dress

1. Bianca (trumpet)

2. Camille (mermaid)

Column & Sheath Gowns

Column and sheath gowns offer a simple, yet elegant silhouette. This style boasts a close fitting, straight skirt with no waist, that loosely contours the bride's figure. As this gown is on the form fitting side, those with an hourglass or slender frame gravitate towards this design; this style will really highlight your shape! The column and sheath gowns are similar to the mermaid and trumpet design, however, the main difference is column and sheath dresses do not flare outwards at the bottom, they remain straight, and fitted. If you desire a modern, tailor-made silhouette, look no further and opt for a column or sheath design!

1. Giselle (sheath)

2. Adara (sheath)

Finding the perfect fitting gown for your wedding day is definitely a must! Here at Dream Dresses, our priority is to make you feel like your best self on your magical day. We hope you found this blog post helpful. Happy shopping, budding brides!

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