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There are many factors to consider when creating and designing the ensemble of your dreams; the shape, silhouette, style, details, accessories, and of course, the fabric and material your gown will be constructed from. Nowadays, brides have a plethora of fabrics to choose from, ranging from sultry silk to delicate lace, and much more. Multiple fabrics and materials of course can be combined together in one piece for a luxurious texture and touch, or it is possible to simply have one fabric in particular to take the foreground. A custom wedding gown is undeniably personal, and should most definitely reflect your style and personality. However, depending on the silhouette, some materials lend themselves more to certain shapes. Arguably, choosing the fabric and material for your gown is the most integral step of the custom design process. Today, we will showcase with you our wedding dress fabric guide to help you turn your bridal dream into a reality.


Silk - dream dresses by PMN

The first material we will showcase today is one of the most traditional and timeless fabrics; silk. Silk is renowned as an extremely lavish and expensive material, and is most recognizable from its luxurious shine and soft feel. This fabric is not only elegant and chic, it is also extremely versatile, as it can come in different textures, styles, and can look fabulous in any season. Silk is oh-so romantic for body-skimming silhouettes, and minimalist styles. Our radiant sheath wedding dress is the picture of timeless beauty. This gown balances perfectly a sultry style with a romantic flare; silk creates the perfect fit-n-flare silhouette. Durable and sophisticated, choose silk for a glamorous gown! 


Chiffon - Dream Dresses by PMN

Our next fabric is a light-weight choice, with an airy and flowing style; chiffon. Chiffon is typically made of silk and nylon, and is a sheer material; ideal for summer or spring brides, due to its diaphanous feel! This delicate fabric looks dainty and ethereal with boho style gowns and floaty silhouettes. Chiffon is also used for adding an extra layer or decorative accent to a wedding ensemble, creating depth, and a luxurious texture. Our Adara illusion long sleeve wedding dress oozes effortless glam. With a sensual sheath silhouette, Adara is constructed from the softest chiffon fabric, to ensure the best quality for our brides. Feel like a goddess in our Adara chiffon sheath gown!

Adara sheath gown - Dream Dresses by PMN


Organza - Dream Dresses by PMN

Are you a bride lusting over whimsical, fairytale vibes for your wedding day? Then this next fabric could be your calling; the ever so opulent, organza. Organza is a lightweight fabric, originally woven from silk; perfect for delicate, princess style dresses. Although this material is sheer looking, it is also strong and long-lasting, making it a great option for a bridal ensemble. Organza also looks ever so dreamy layered, as it is a stunning option for adding volume and drama to a look, especially for wedding trains, veils, ball gowns, and skirts. Our Mylah pink bridal ao dai brings a modern, feminine aesthetic, perfect for a princess! This gown has a captivating layered skirt effect, constructed from the most elegant organza, creating a mesmerizing sweep train. Girly and unique, this muted pink ao dai has our hearts!

Mylah pink bridal ao dai - Dream Dresses by PMN


Tulle - Dream Dresses by PMN

Sheer, airy and intricate, tulle is a gauzy fabric, with a similar texture to netting. Tulle, similar to organza, is wonderful for adding volume and drama to an ensemble. Wedding designers often use tulle fabric to give a gown a frothy, light look, ideal for floating down the aisle and dancing the night away. Tulle is another versatile, adaptable material, as it can be used to construct veils, overskirts and is even desirable as a gown's lining. Our Kaytie A-line wedding dress is an exquisite design, made from the dreamiest tulle for a pretty-in-pink look. Utterly stylish and elegant, Kaytie radiates grace, and has us dreaming of wonderland!

Kaytie lace ball gown wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN


Crepe - Dream Dresses by PMN

Crepe is a romantic, mid-weight fabric that has been traditionally made from soft silk or rayon. This fabric is superb for clinging to the wearer's body and accentuating you curves. Classic silhouettes with crepe fabrics include A-line, mermaid or sheath gowns, creating a fit-n-flare, hourglass shape. Crepe also drapes elegantly down, for a feminine, sophisticated style. Crepe, similar to tulle, is also a gauzy, crinkly fabric; textured and luxurious. Our Jeanna crepe and lace wedding gown is unbelievably desirable and figure-hugging. Crepe and lace compliment each other wonderfully, and provides a lush feel. Jeanna gown will have any bride looking like an angel on their special day.

Jeanna crepe and lace wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN

Chantilly French Lace

Chantilly French lace - Dream Dresses by PMN

Now, our last fabric is one everyone has heard of; lace! Lace comes in many shapes, sizes and designs, making it incomparably graceful and refined. Globally adorned by many cultures, lace can take the form of veils, skirts, dresses and detachable bridal sleeves. Lace also adds a vintage glam aesthetic to any piece, and is wonderful for adding details; the perfect finishing touch! Chantilly French lace is a classic choice for brides, as it is an open and detailed fabric that takes the stage on most ensembles. Our Acacia long sleeve lace wedding dress is simply radiant, with exquisite floral accents and patterns. Our ornate lace long sleeves are intricate and truly irresistible. Look like the definition of romance and femininity in Acacia!

Acacia lace wedding dress - Dream Dresses by PMN?

It is also important to remember, you should choose a fabric that you feel your best in, and that is suited to your wedding style. Create a dress you love!

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