One of the most important pieces of advice we give our brides is this:

Listen to your heart.

Although we encourage family and friends to take part in the process of designing a dream dress, we also want brides to know that their opinion is the one that matters most. Opposing views, differences in taste, or personal expectations can often lead to brides feeling stuck between choosing what they want or pleasing others. We aren’t saying you should ignore the opinions of those closest to you, but it is important for all brides to trust their instincts and to ultimately design the dress that they have always dreamed of.

Finding balance between outside opinions, while staying true to your own desires, can be challenging. That is why we are sharing FOUR tips for how brides can stay focused on designing their ideal dress:


As you prepare to design your dream dress it is important that you look through images of other dresses to get a feel for what you like. Browsing photographs is a great way to pinpoint the specific features you love like the style, color, fabric, and accessories. However, be cautious not to get stuck in the comparison trap. Do not aim to recreate another design. Instead, try mixing and matching different aspects of other gowns—embrace the freedom a custom dress affords you to make something uniquely perfect for you.


If you know there are big personalities—or those who like to offer a lot of thoughts—joining you in the process of designing your dress, talk to them early on about your likes, dislikes, wants, and preferences for your dream gown. Sometimes conflict arises when people are caught off guard or when they do not have a path to guide them; giving your entourage a heads up for what they can expect will go a long way in reducing stress due to a difference of opinion.


Before you bring other people into the design process, have a conversation with your designer on your own first. Relay your hopes, goals, and visions. Do not be shy when it comes to articulating exactly what you want. The more the designer has to work with, the better.

If opinions surface during appointments that are not in alignment with your goals, a designer can be a great advocate to help get everyone on the same page with your choices again.  


Once you do your research, browse images, and compile ideas for your own dream dress, it is time to create a vision board. There are multiple benefits to a vision board: putting all your thoughts down on paper can help you to better organize your thoughts. Also, images can translate easier than words—if you do not have the exact language to tell you designer what you want, showing them a photograph can be an incredibly helpful communication tool. In a similar respect, using a vision board when talking to your entourage can help clarify your wishes—some people understand information better if they are offered a visual representation of it, rather than just hearing it verbally.

Family and friends joining in the process of designing your dream dress can be a wonderful experience. Just make sure that you stay true to your heart when it comes to making the final decisions. This is your dress, and you deserve nothing short of perfection! 

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Real bride: SVETLANA BANE 

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