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One of the most important pieces of advice we give our brides is this: Listen to your heart. Finding balance between outside opinions, while staying true to your own desires, can be challenging. That is why we are sharing FOUR tips for how brides can stay focused on designing their ideal dress:

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Nicole's Beautiful Beach Wedding

 Angela Parrish Photography Bride: Nicole N Location: FL, USA She is wearing her Couture Sheer Bodice Mermaid Wedding Dress (Style #PB239) http://www.dreamdressesbypmn.com/products/couture-sheer-bodice-wedding-dress-style-nicole-pb239   

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Sneak Peek Of Africa and Jermel's Wedding in London Last Weekend

So this beautiful wedding happened in London last weekend ! This flawless bride-Africa got married with the love of her life-Jermel !. I am over the moon happy for both of them and I feel truly blessed to be part of her wedding! This photo is so precious and means so much to me! I had tears in my eyes just looking at it. Thank you Africa for giving the honor and your trust halfway around the world. I cannot wait to see more photos of her beautiful wedding. Oh did I mention her mermaid dress has over 500 Swarovski crystals and her veil is a very very gorgeous cathedral veil that I have ever made? Stay tuned!!  Our story- Africa reached out to...

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