Imagine this; you've finally found the dress of your dreams, and you couldn't be happier. However, you're looking for ways to make your gown feel and look as unique as you! One way to do this is by personalizing your wedding dress with luxurious add-ons and coverups or glimmering embellishments or beadings. By adding a dash of your personality onto your gown, you will definitely shine brighter than anyone else in a unique ensemble just for you. Today, we will share with you our favorite ways to personalize your wedding gown in time for your special day!

Sultry sleeves

Detachable sleeves - Dream Dresses by PMN

Add a touch of luxury or grace to your gown with a pair of detachable bridal sleeves! Sleeves are a great way to personalize your wedding look, as they can add a little or a lot of drama and grace. They are also fantastic for mixing up your looks by simply slipping them on or off to create multiple looks in one. Choose as bold or as simple of a design as you wish to give your bridal gown a personalized twist.

 Detachable sleeves - Dream Dresses by PMNDetachable sleeves - Dream Dresses by PMN

Featured: Selena glittery sleeves, Martha long sleeves, and Brenna bolero sleeves

Romantic veils or capes

Bridal capes - Dream Dresses by PMN

Are you looking to add some extra glamor to add to your dress? Consider personalizing your wedding gown with a detachable cape or bridal veil! Whether you opt for a traditional, classic style or a more modern, chic option, this is a perfect way to give your gown a touch of personality. Capes are a modernized veil which is a beautiful choice for fashion-forward brides. However, if you crave elegance and a timeless look, a bridal veil will never disappoint or go out of style.

Bridal capes - Dream Dresses by PMN

Bridal capes - Dream Dresses by PMN

Featured: Orella 3D floral cape veil, Yonia bridal cape, and Carlla long-sleeve bridal cape

Dramatic trains or overskirts

Bridal detachable overskirt - Dream Dresses by PMN

Add length and flair to your ensemble with a detachable overskirt or extended bridal train! Easy to remove or slip on, a train or skirt will instantly elevate your look and add extra drama and dimension to your gown. This option is perfect for brides who have always dreamed of gliding down the aisle like a princess. And, once it is time for your reception, remove the piece and show off your beautiful wedding gown underneath, ready to dance the night away!

Bridal detachable overskirt - Dream Dresses by PMN

Featured: Callie bridal train and Belinda bridal overskirt

Sparkly embellishments or beadings

Embellishments - Dream Dresses by PMN

Lastly, why not let your personality shine (literally) by adding beautiful beadings or embellishments to your gown? There are many options to choose from, such as beads, pearls, feathers, lace applique, 3D floral lace, sequins, and more. Choose the embellishment that represents your style the most, and adorn your gown with it to make your gown sparkle all night long. We also love the look of mixing and matching different embellishments together for the ultimate couture aesthetic.

Embellishments - Dream Dresses by PMN

Embellishments - Dream Dresses by PMN

We hope this helped! Enjoy personalizing your wedding gown in the most beautiful ways possible.  

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