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Imagine this; you've finally found the dress of your dreams, and you couldn't be happier. However, you're looking for ways to make your gown feel and look as unique as you! One way to do this is by personalizing your wedding dress with luxurious add-ons and coverups or glimmering embellishments or beadings. By adding a dash of your personality onto your gown, you will definitely shine brighter than anyone else in a unique ensemble just for you. 

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When it comes to designing and imagining your dream wedding dress, accessories can completely elevate and transform the look from basic, and simplistic, into chic, dramatic, and elegant. Accessories are essentially the most integral details needed for creating the ideal, dream wedding ensemble. Detachable bridal sleeves are the perfect accessory for those who want to instantly change their look with the addition of sleeves, or have multiple looks in one! The beauty of having detachable sleeves is that the wearer can combine styles, and mix and match the sleeves with any gown they choose; they are totally versatile, and convenient!

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