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Custom, literally meaning made or done to order for a particular customer, is what we specialize in when it comes to creating and designing wedding gowns. All custom, bespoke dresses begin with an initial sketch and design. This step allows us, the designer, and the client, to collaborate in the process of making your dream dress. Our brides usually come to us with a basic concept in mind of their dress design, in order to have a rough design idea.

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The Evolution of Áo Dài

Many have heard of the Áo Dài (pronounced ow yai), a traditional Vietnamese dress that is comprised of a long tunic with splits on either side worn over pants. And while it may be called a dress, it is not reserved exclusively for women.  Source: Life Magazine Áo Dài is a garment that can be worn daily by anyone - men, women, and even children. It is a style that is used for children's uniform as much as for special occasions such as weddings. The difference is in the fabric, embroidery and the intricacy of the finished gown.  While no one is entirely sure when Áo Dài was invented, most agree that it was popularized in the late 18th century during the Nguyen dynasty. Vietnam was then divided...

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