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Once Upon A Time Wedding Inspiration

Repost the story from the author La Candella Weddings  "Once upon a time, a sweet, innocent princess was getting ready for her wedding day. The table was set, the dresses were pressed, and all the decorations were put into place. Everything was perfect. But the evil queen had different plans. See, she had a deep jealousy of the sweet princess from the time she was born. Jealous of her beloved- the prince- whom she had her eye on and loved severely. She felt that she had been dealt a bad hand- why should the princess get everything she wanted? But what could she do to stop this wedding? Trick her into accepting a perfume wedding gift that had been cursed. Once...

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Everything You Need To Know About Ordering A Custom Wedding Gown

I had so much fun (even though I was a little nervous) being interviewed for my very first podcast with Kimberly from the famous "From Ring to Veil" wedding podcast. Please like, share, and of course tag your friends that are considering (or should be) getting a custom wedding dress made! "Designers can customize a dress from the start to fit your style and shape without the hassle of going off the rack and having to alter a dress to fit you. A bride can get a custom dress for just about the same price as a boutique dress."Sponsored by Willow & Vine Floral Design A few thing that we discuss: -Did you design your own dress -How many have you designed?...

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Vietnamese Ao Dai History

If you’ve spent any time browsing my site you will have noticed Vietnamese ao dai wedding dresses. What are ao dai and why do we make them? Ao dai are the traditional dress from Vietnam. The word has two parts: ao is the word for a piece of clothing worn on the upper body while dài translates to "long". An ao dai consist of two parts, a long tunic with a split on either side and pants. I born and raised in Vietnam before moving to the United States to study design. As such, I’ve always loved the graceful appearance of the ao dai and wanted to design my own versions alongside my Western-style wedding dresses. source: http://time.com/photography/life/ While ao...

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